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BlogBack: Minneapolis Institute of Arts on Deaccession Transparency

Anne-Marie Wagener, director of press and PR at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA), responds to AAMD Tweets Again: President Feldman’s Inaugural Missive:

Just to let you know that you are correct in saying that the MIA does not have any deaccessions posted online. That’s because we do not currently have any deaccessions in the queue. In Kaywin’s letter she did say that the MIA, along with other museums, will post lists of deaccessioned objects in future and that’s exactly the process we’re in now.

We have a Collections Development Plan that was created last year by the curators as required by our assistant director of curatorial affairs, Matthew Welch. I’ve just spoken with Matthew who explained that this fiscal year (which started July 1), as part of the plan, the curators have been charged with reviewing portions of their collections, identifying objects for possible deaccessioning, and writing justifications for review by the director and a trustee committee.

So we’re just beginning to compile lists of works for deaccessioning in the future.
I hope this helps clarify the MIA’s position on the issue and we will certainly be posting upcoming deaccessions as they happen.

Still no word about what other AAMD member museums (aside from the Indianapolis Museum of Art) have committed to posting deaccessioned objects in advance of their proposed disposal.

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