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More Campbell Commentary: Roberta Smith and Me on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show

I’m back from the press conference at the Metropolitan Museum (more later), where, as soon as I arrived, I first had to do a live phone interview on New York Public Radio, along with the NY Times‘ indispensable art critic, Roberta Smith. We were, of course, assessing the Met’s Tom Campbell appointment, which I had already spoken about (solo) earlier today with WNYC‘s Richard Hake.

You can click the arrow on the left, below, to hear (about a minute and a half into the podcast) Roberta and me sing in harmony (don’t worry, not literally) on the artworld’s new hit tune. Great minds think alike. But Brian, how COULD you compare Tom Campbell to Sarah Palin? (He’s no pit bull and he doesn’t wear lipstick.)

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