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More on Hollein: Another U.S. Museum Connection; “Too American”?

A CultureGrrl reader helpfully alerted me to the fact that Max Hollein, possibly to be named the next Metropolitan Museum director, is also on the board of trustees of the Neue Galerie, New York. And I’ve also discovered that a documentary film has recently been made about him by Avanti Media.

According to the description of “Max Hollein—My Life”:

Hollein’s museum policies have raised a lot of attention in the last
years. Some are envious of his success and blame him for being too
commercial and American. Hollein prefers to play his cards close to his
chest, turning the spotlight to his museums rather than to himself.

For “Ma Vie/My Life„” Hollein makes an exception, allowing the camera to follow his trip to New York.

Hmmm. Did the camera follow him into the offices of the Met? And where can I get a copy of this film?

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