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Where in the World Is Lee Going? And Who Is “Filler-ing” In (again)?

Attentive readers will remember that I mentioned
I was going to be visiting three continents within three months: first it was Los
Angeles, to cover the opening of the Broad Contemporary Art Museum; then, Athens, to speak at the International Conference on Return of
Cultural Property.

Now, having redefined CultureGrrl as “all-Murakami, all the time,” I’ve decided to go see for myself where he came from.

to you on Apr. 17 or 18, art-lings (or maybe once or twice before that,
if I just can’t keep my hands off the keyboard). How do I say, “I’m
allergic to nuts” in Japanese? CultureGrrl readers: Help me with my essential travel phrase, before I take off on United!

Wait, what’s this? My airline recently cancelled certain flights (including some to Japan, according to its website) due to maintenance issues. I hope they’ve now got things sorted out.

Good news for you, when (or if) I depart: You-know-who is once again going to be doing such a good job as my guest blogger that you’ll wish me to become fluent in Japanese before I return.

Martin, Fill ‘er up!

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