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At Least The Getty Still Has Its Euphronios

“Wine Cup with a Drunk Man Vomiting,” Greek, ca. 490 B.C., attributed to Euphronios as potter, Onesimos as painter, J. Paul Getty Museum
The Metropolitan Museum has relinquished to Italy its famed Euphronios krater, but you can still see a work by that celebrated potter at the Getty Museum (above). Granted it’s considerably less grand than the ex-Met’s masterpiece in size and subject matter, but how often do you get a chance to see ancient Greeks barfing?
This cup is so under-the-radar at the Getty that its associate curator of antiquities, Janet Grossman, couldn’t think of which object I was referring to when I asked her about it on Wednesday.
Its installation is another example, though, of my pet peeve about museum installations of such objects: You can only see the painting on its interior, but not on its exterior, which is blocked by a partition in the case. I also couldn’t find the “Euphronios made me” inscription that the label says is on the upper border of the cup.
I’ll have more substantive comments on my LA ramblings in future posts. But right now I’ve got to prepare for another art-full day.

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