b/d forgives bookslut a lot for moments like this ...

book/daddy has never much cared for Dostoevsky -- everything Milan Kundera has said dismissively of the man's religious hysteria being confused for brilliance or insight gets a hearty "hear, hear!" from these quarters -- so I haven't been all that helpful when daughter Suzanna, the Comic Book Queen, has had to read Crime and Punishment for her senior English class ("Um, ex-radical, right-wing Christian, prison-house convert, epileptic gambler, all-round financial failure -- yes, Suz, he does resemble some of our relatives, doesn't he?").

But now I was able to show her this from Brian Hughes' wonderful blog, Again With the Comics: Batman as Raskolnikov! The guilt, the soul-searching! And Sonja as Sonny, the Boy Wonder! (funny how Robin definitely looks like a young woman here).

The questions that hover over the entire endeavor, however, are these, and yes, they demand an answer!

  • Why didn't Classics Illustrated ever think of this?
  • And where the hell was this when book/daddy had to suffer through C & P, The Idiot and The Possessed?

    While you're at Again With the Comics, be sure to check out (over on the left) "Lame Villains" (Stilt-Man! The Crimson Centipede!) and "What If?"(What if the invisible Girl Had Died? still gets me teary when reading it.")

    Thanks, bookslut, for the posting. And if you enjoy Mr. Hughes, you'll definitely want to check out Superdickery, a website dedicated to the undeniable philosophical proposition: Superman is a dickhead.

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    I feel like the teenager in public with his parents, "Mom, Dad, you're embarrassing me!"

    Didn't anyone actually follow the links to the comic book blogs???

    Not all of us are "ex-radical, right-wing Christian, prison-house convert, epileptic gambler, all-round financial failure"s. See, I too hated Dostoevsky. That makes me just as high brow as you.

    My family members always seem to elevate the conversation in these "Comments" sections, don't they?

    Guffaw! Nyah! Nyah! Nyaaah! You had to read Dostoevsky and I didn't! Though I've been hearing about Crime & Punishiment for so long I sometimes think I did read it.

    But that of course means that 'Batman by Dostoevsky' is waaaay too high browed for me! Wouldn't be able to understand it! Waaaaaaaa!


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