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In a recent e-mail to me about his return to blogging, Scott McLemee mentioned that he's learned there's one advantage to having a site named Quick Study. Your number of reader hits goes way up when school starts again.

This reminded book/daddy of Bookslut, which continues to get ads for erotica and works of fiction being positioned as "transgressive" -- apparently because of what must be a sizable number of readers who arrive at the blog by mistake, attracted by the name and thinking, hey, this is Triple-X kink. Once they realize it's actually a fairly dense package of book news, reviews, interviews, snarky literary opinion and so on, perhaps they give up and settle for the soft-core stuff being peddled in the margins, thus presumably making the ads worth their cost.

At any rate, these two examples of the benefits of misleading blog titles -- and book/daddy's current, pressing need for revenue enhancement -- have led me to consider these possibly more lucrative names, pending approval from our product-branding division, Unbridled Corporate Weasels:

1) Encyclopedia Viagra

2) Instant Post-Structuralist Erection

3) The Book Bong Blog

4) Rolling Papers, with High-Speed Pizza Delivery

5) Triple-D Book Implants

6) Low-interest Literary Loans and Underage Book Fondling

7) Huge Throbbing Books

8) Inkubus and the Dirty Pages

9) Legal Weed/Legal Read

10) Semiotic Semen and the Phenomenology of Porn

11) Hot Stock Tips for Lusty Booklovers

12) Shameless Corporate Weasels

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Thanks for the feedback, vice president Heather. Any suggested names will be welcome, pending approval from all 1,367 of our corporate vice presidents, of course.

You might want to skip #1 so as to avoid problems with Pfizer's lawyers. #2 & 3 seem good candidates for high-revenue ads and lots of search engine traffic, as do #5, 6, 10, & 11. But I'd say that 2, 6, and 11 are your best bets. ;)


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