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Scan this: Fourth Amendment underwear

As the site says, when searches go too far, underwear can express your views. (via Dominic Holden.) There’s still the excessive radiation to consider.

FourthAmend.jpgfourthamendshorts.jpgfourthamendwear.jpgComes in bras and panties too, of course.


  1. Clever and cool but ineffective as I doubt the agents bother to read.
    Anyway, I’d rather get groped than submit to the indignity of standing in that microwave vitrine on display like a fetus in a jar.
    At least with the patdown 2 people are being demeaned, the groper as well as gropee.

  2. Blaming TSA agents for doing the searches is like blaming grocery clerks for the prices charged at the supermarket. The first rule of any effective protest is to deal with the decision-makers. Those folks are in Washington, D.C. Oh, and polls say that most Americans support the TSA policies, so you have some grassroots organizing to do, too.

  3. While it is true that the agents at the check points aren’t the culprets that need to be tarred and feathered for coming up with these outrageous humiliations, I peraonally think that any protest is better than no protest.
    I for one intend to purchase and wear the bra and pantie set the next time I travel by plane. Although, if the agent is good looking, I wouldn’t mind getting a good groping before a flight. It’ll give my dirty mind something to ponder, and maybe even spark a new comic or two.

  4. I just wish these were actually designed by an artist.
    They are really blah.
    The possibilities here are so, well, fertile.
    Now if Syrians had designed this, instead of some computer ACLU wonk, they would look GOOD.

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