Public Artists earn $37,000 annually in England

IXIA Public Art Online in Britain has just completed its third annual survey of public art.  A few interesting facts.

Number of Projects in England: 900
England averaged 20 public art projects per million people.

Popular Art Forms:
Social engaged practice and festivals with public art are growing fast with local agencies, and art in architecture remains strong.  Large permanent and temporary sculptures are popular, but declining.

Over three years between 2011-2013, $280 million was spent on public art in the following proportions:
production costs – 69%
artists’ fees – 13%
salaried posts – 10%
consultants and project management fees – 8%
(Note that artists fee equal around 20% of the cost of producing the art.)

Public artists:  300
Salaried posts:  330
Consultants: 180

Artists making her/his primary income from public art:  $37,000 average
Daily rate for artists:  $400-450 per day
Salaried posts:  $58,000
Consultants:  $38,000

Here is the full report from IXIA


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