Paul McCarthy shits on #PublicArt and #Koons

Balloon Dogs.  A joy for pre-schoolers when made magically  by a clown before their eyes.  I still remember the feeling without a specific place or time.

One day as an adult for some reason, I had to try it.  Making animals with a long, skinny balloon.   Discover the magic.  A fantasy in my head to amaze some future child.  What better momentary power is there than passing joy to another person.  So pure.

The Clown gives a Balloon Dog

The Clown gives a Balloon Dog

So this magic downgraded by artists and designers into a stilted frozen object.  No spontaneous creation that is followed by the gentle gift.

Jeff Koons is credited with the artworld population of balloon dog sculptures that were followed by lots of small sculptures. Some just small reflections in the box.  Others less shiny for use as bookends.   As with all collectibles, the sculptures (toys) in the unopened original box sell for much more on  Koons much truly love that.10735879-large

Last month and before his opening of his pornographic Snow White at the Park Avenue Armory on June 23, 2013, Paul McCarthy inflated a giant balloon version of Koons metallic versions of tiny rubber balloon dogs.   The red Thanksgiving Day parade type balloon stood on the Randall Island (NYC,NY) grounds of the Frieze Art Fair.

Of course, I should be intellectual about this.  A sequence of memories and connections.  Combined with McCarthy’s “up your ass, Koons. I can top your game of insulting the collectors while attracting them.”  An appropriate statement you might say at an Art Fair.   Contextual?

In Hong Kong, he gave the outdoor sculpture park in a real park the most common thing that attracts anger in a park – a big pile of shit.   (A brown in inflatable that deflated in a huge rain storm.  Appropriate as big rain storm wash away regular shit in a park.)  Contextual?  Remember that the asshole is one of McCarthy’s favor body parts.

Is the artworld audience so dead as human beings that only the most obvious insult attracts?  Like a loud fart.

Please find a return to joy.

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