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Aesthetic Grounds YouTube Site
Selected Videos on Public Art and Public Space
Best of Public Art Websites
1. Muncipal Website: Indianapolis, USA
2. Administration and Case Studies: Public Art Online, UK
3. Photos of USA Projects: Public Art Network, USA
4. Policy for Art in Buildings: Queensland, Australia
5. Sample Contracts, Call to Artists and Other Documents: PAN, USA
6. Sample MP3 Walking Tours: Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, USA
7. Socio-Political Critique through Public Art: Transform, Europe
8. Artist: Pete Codling, UK
9. Artist Registry: 4Culture, USA
10. Community and Public Art: Community Arts
11. Urban Inventions: Wooster Collective
12. Publishing: Black Dog
Best of Public Space Websites
1. Essays: Jane Holtz Kay
2. Functional Criticism: Project for Public Spaces
3. USA Case Studies: Bruner Foundation
4. Lots of Ideas from DC: Richard Layman
Best of Architecture Websites
1. Essays: Hugh Pearman, UK
2. Selected Architecture Images: Eyecandy
3. Essays: James Russell, USA
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