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Leadership, Entrepreneurship, What’s the Difference?

I'm often asked the question, so what's the difference between leadership and entrepreneurship?   On face value, a pretty simple question to answer, but when put in the arts world and higher education contexts, pretty complex. Leadership implies taking action that positively enhances the arts, which entrepreneurship involves the creation of an enterprise or venture.  That's the simple answer (from my viewpoint).  Where it gets more interesting is when it is spun into various contexts. Within the past several years, as the … [Read more...]

Enabling Arts Entrepreneurs

I recently gave a talk at the National Orchestral Institute at the University of Maryland in College Park.  My topic focused on those skills that orchestral musicians will need (now need!) in order to succeed and thrive in the future.  I am sure this list of skills would not be a surprise to readers.  What impressed me is just how intelligent and dedicated these young people were.  And building on my experience in teaching arts entrepreneurship at Drexel, where I found much the same intelligence and motivation, I am now … [Read more...]

Impressive Conservatory Program (s)

I recently returned from a trip in the Netherlands, where I had been invited to experience and comment on programs and research being conducted in a Dutch Lectorate (research group) within the Prince Claus Conservatoire in the Hanze University in Groningen.  The leader of the lectorate, Rineke Smilde, is a long-time friend and colleague.  I came away deeply impressed by a number of factors.  One, the professors from Hanze demonstrated incredible commitment to their own learning and the learning of their students.  Two, the … [Read more...]

Arts Entrepreneurship Class — Final Words

Last night was the last Arts Entrepreneurship class.  Student projects were nothing short of amazing.  The amount of hard work (hours in), plus creativity and demonstration of already-acquired skills and knowledge was impressive.  This experience once again reinforces what we have known in education for a century: that students working on projects of interest will greatly exceed expectations.  The larger question, and one worthy of addressing here is, does the teaching of arts entrepreneurship positively change the thinking … [Read more...]

Arts Entrepreneurship Class — Student Project

I plan to publish some of my class student projects: those that lend themselves to posting, i.e. a PowerPoint that provides complete or almost-complete information, or a paper that expresses a complete idea or process. This first one is the work of Melanie Grenier.    Entrepreneurship ppt.pptx … [Read more...]

Blog Salon — Organizational Design

Check out this Blog Salon -- yours truly is a contributor.  Looking Ahead to the Future of Nonprofit ModelsARTSblog is bringing together a progressive group of thinkers to further the discussion on changes in the nonprofit model. Throughout the week of May 16, you will be able to join in the conversation on this trending topic during the Private Sector Initiatives Blog Salon. ARTSblog will focus on examples of changes in the nonprofit model and the reasons dictating the changes. Get the inside scoop from leaders like Janet Brown of … [Read more...]

Arts Entrepreneurship Class Progress

--following up on my promise to keep interested readers up-to-date on my class, Arts Entrepreneurship.  Recall that I posed 2 major assignments.  The first of these was to identify an existing arts organization, study it deeply, then pose one expanded program and one new one.  The second of these was to write/create a business plan for a new venture. For the first assignment students were grouped according to arts interest area (visual arts, literary arts, dance, music, theatre).  For the second assignment students were … [Read more...]

Using the L3C Organizational Model

This past week I realized that I really could have used the L3C model in each of my professional leadership positions, and that in doing so, i would have alleviated pressure on the annual balance sheet.  I must admit to feeling a bit "slow" when I realized this, as I have been asked countless times if the L3C has any real use in the arts and culture sector. The realization is that I could have created any number of subsidiary entities with the L3C structure.  As is typical of any large not-for-profit organization, there are numerous … [Read more...]

Business Model Session on Monday, April 25

With thanks to Andrew Taylor for initiating and planning this session, please join Nina Simon, Andrew and me on Monday (details below) for a discussion of new, innovative and old business models in the arts and culture sector.  I hope to see you online!      Monday, April 25 4:00 pm Eastern Time Joining me for this one-hour discussion, and responding to your comments and questions, will be Andrew Taylor, Director of the Bolz Center for Arts Administration, an MBA … [Read more...]

Arts Entrepreneurship — The Class

Last weekend I attended the annual conference of the Association of Arts Administration Educators.  There I heard that the arts entrepreneurship "movement" is spreading rapidly in higher education.  This has to be of concern, as the "it" is so poorly defined, -- and understood.  Note my own previous misunderstanding of the term, social entrepreneurship.  Nonetheless, a number of my colleagues at the conference are readers here, and told me they were eager to hear about how my class was going.  And now that the class is … [Read more...]

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