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Innovator, Entrepreneur?


  1. Jim:
    Just a thought – the two positions seem to reflect the difference between Schumpeter’s theory of “creative destruction,” which relies on innovation, and Kirzner’s theory of “discovery,” which relies on discovering the innovations of others so that the entpreneur can maximize profit. My summary of the two theories is obviously reductive, but I think the analogy is there.
    – Linda

  2. “Innovators are the dreamers: They create the prototypes, work out the kinks and then get bored, anxious to return to what they do best, which is inventing more prototypes. They are rarely concerned, ultimately, with the financial viability of what they do. Entrepreneurs are the builders: They turn prototypes into going concerns — then they get bored. For them, financial viability is the single most important aspect of what they do.” (Boschee & McClurg, 2003, pp. 1-5).

    Boschee J., & McClurg, J. (2003), Toward a better understanding of social entrepreneurship: Some important distinctions.


  1. […] I’ve always taught entrepreneurship with extensive emphasis on innovation, spending at least 25% of class time on idea generation and formation. I plan to continue to do so, perhaps because I continue to believe that the arts desperately need innovators, but I feel I must also come to peace eventually with the opposing opinion (s). # […]

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