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Entrepreneurship in Music and the Arts, Class Planning


  1. Michael Millar says:

    Looks great, Jim! Your students will be fortunate to have this experience.

  2. Jim- speaking as an independent jazz musician, in a rich arts market (Toronto), I must respectfully disagree with your assertion “Frequently the failure of the most creative ideas lies with an inability to build a working model and “business plan.”

    In my field, at least, the failure of creative music ideas may lie with poor or non-existent business planning. However, I have seen plenty of instances where a plan has been thought out in advance, but failed. There are many variables that are beyond the reach of, and can defeat planning: inability to achieve marketing traction; over-competition for public attention; sudden shifts in public taste; rejection by a small number of industry gatekeepers; the wild unpredictability of revenues. I could go on.

    Ultimately, in jazz anyway, planning may be a necessary condition for success, but it is not sufficient.

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