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Class One, Entrepreneurship in Music and the Arts


  1. Jim:

    I’m not convinced that the field is “ill-defined” but rather that the field is developing. The fundamental question – for me at least – is “Is arts entrepreneurship a discipline unto itself or (merely) the application of entrepreneurial processes to arts disciplines?” I raise this question in the opening article of the first issue of “Artivate: A Journal of Entrepreneurship in the Arts” available at and hope to find some answers at the AAAE conference in March, at which Andrew Taylor, Margaret Wyszomirski, Susan Badger Booth and I will participate in a roundtable discussion “What Do We Mean When We Talk About Arts Entrepreneurship?” based on the definitional issues raised in the Artivate piece.

    Hopefully, we’ll see you there!

    – Linda

  2. Bruce Brubaker says:

    I want to urge the broadest inclusiveness in considering what “entrepreneurship” may be. Art itself is entrepreneurship. Beethoven was a fine entrepreneur — and so was John Cage.

  3. Nice post which the responses altered my thinking on the teaching of arts entrepreneurship to students to whom the topic is new. This experience reinforces my growing belief that the field of arts entrepreneurship remains ill defined. Thanks a lot for posting.

  4. The second issue of Artivate focuses on arts entrepreneurship pedagogy. I hope you will find it useful: -LE

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