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Qualities of Arts Entrepreneurship Students

Today I was reminded, yet again, of the incredible imagination my entrepreneurship students at Drexel had, and continue to have. Check out Philadelphia Treks ( and Arts & Drafts Philly ( These are only 2 examples of many classrooms projects that have become real ventures.

What I find most interesting, and compelling about working with arts students in entrepreneurship is their ability to marry their artistic personalities to their ventures. This quality seems unique to me.

In the larger world of entrepreneurship we often see ventures created from hopes and dreams, and from specific skill sets, but rarely do we see these artistic “blooms.”

In fact, as I have pointed out in a previous blog: for arts students, it’s not the creation of the idea that is the challenge, it’s finding flexibility when the idea hits the marketplace.

And forgive me for rambling to another related topic, but isn’t this quality of artistic rigidity that gets one arts organization after another into trouble? Hearing the bad news has always been hard to hear, and easy to reject in the arts.

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