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Defining Entrepreneurship in the Arts

  • Zone 3 focuses on socially-directed entrepreneurship.
Zone 3.a. Create a Recognizable, but New Not-for-Profit Entity, but with a #


  1. Very clear thoughts with great examples! Aligning the appropriate entrepreneurship model with crisply defined goals is key to advancing those goals effectively.

    FYI — Alison and I are moving ahead with Topografy as a new commercial entity (Zone 4.b.) and are assembling the team and working to shape our model now. We expect beta launch this fall — exciting!

  2. Michael Ketner says:

    As always, it’s great to read your posts, and I am happy to see that you have set out to define all of this, as arts entrepreneurship certainly means different things to different people (in my experience). My question would be if there should be an additional zone that accounts for entrepreneurial thinking within an already existing entity/organization. For example, an administrator in an organization creates a new program that develops new revenue streams for that organization. Would that warrant a new zone or would it fit into one of the ones in your post?

    Whether a new zone should be created is probably not really the point, though. To me, it is important to promote the notion that everyone who works in the arts should be looking for opportunities to be creative in this way, regardless of the situation in which they find themselves.

    Thank you for your thoughts on this; I look forward to reading more…

    Mike Ketner

  3. Comrade remimakinde says:

    i am currently wrting a paper on “character development in art entrepreneurship:the factor of nigerian folktales”, your blog is more than an eye opener, it is a “scope widener”. well done.

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