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My students’ final projects are beginning to take shape, and I have asked them if any  would like to post them on my blog. The first one is from Juliet Verde. What makes this one so special (to me) is that is so perfectly emanates from her personality and experience.


Philadelphiaist ( will be launching on July 1st, 2012 and then will be published daily at 6am Tuesday-Friday. This weblog features and advertises places I’ve enjoyed visiting in Philadelphia. It is intended to be a resource where City dwellers can get an edited perspective, find things to do and be connected to information. It’s about exploring, discovering and re-imagining what’s outside your own front door.




My name is Juliet and I live in Center City, Philadelphia and work and go to school in University City. I started Philadelphiaist to document my life as a perpetual tourist and anthropologist of my surroundings. Philadelphiaist’s purpose is to connect its readers to places and experiences by providing recommendations and visitor information.


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