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Sole Proprietor Entrepreneurship


  1. James.
    Very interesting. I will want to read more before I say something I think has value – if it does. I am working as a creative agent (my name for it) with artists developing entrepreneurial strategies that mine the content of their creative output, test it in a market, develop it further into a business plan, and then implement it. My goals are to raiser their visibility, compete against the general indifference markets can have when it comes to art, engage, widen the understanding of what the artist does, engage, and get people to fund, support and buy. I have thirty years experience as a producer, artistic leader and executive director for non-profit arts, have started-up numerous entrepreneurial artistic ventures, owned and operated my own art gallery, founded and ran an artist-incubation/residence program, a film company, and a secondary market art dealership. In the last five years I began spending more time researching the issues of art as application and then 18 months decided to go all in and practice what I believed I could some day teach. Doing drives learning for me, keeps me adaptable, and concise. I find some of the things you are saying to be very clear, and strong. I like the directness of your language and imagine it works very well with students. My audience has been working artists but what I hear in your voice tells me I may be thinking the wrong way about my new clients. Anyway, I was just excited to find a good conversation – although I wish for the old days when that kind of thing happened by accident at a coffee shop, or book store. I continually ride the web looking for the teaching component of what I do and I have not really found universities doing much more than sticking a toe into it. Thank you for getting me out of a writing slump. I owe you one. David

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