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Leadership, Entrepreneurship, What’s the Difference?


  1. I enjoyed this particular blog post.
    In 2009 I formed a LLC called MICROFUNDEDARTS that uses an out-of-the-box, but very viable model for helping arts 501(c)(3)s create sustainable funding by utilizing their local communities business base as a platform.
    I was recent contacted by a graduate student at the Savannah College of Art and Design who requested to use MIROFUNDEDARTS as part of a joint tri-college Masters thesis concerning the new IRS sanctioned L3C legal structure (which was new to me).
    L3Cs ARE a socially driven, low profit (1 to 10%) entity, where the social mission precedes the company’s quest for profits. It has several interesting aspects; bridges the gap between LLC and 501(c)(3)s, and is able to accept investment capital from both the traditional business sector and the non-profit sector (Foundations, Charitable Trusts, etc.
    A good synopsis article can be found of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Lewis at for anyone interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding.

  2. Patricia Ewer says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this discussion.
    I have found, especially in non-profits(but I must admit it also exists in the commercial world) that the entrepreneur, the person who founds or creates a new endeavor is not the person to run it. That is another personality altogether perhaps the leader. I have seen organizations almost run into the ground by the entrepreneur because their egos would not let them step aside and allow another expert perform the day to day tasks. Big, creative thinkers are never good with the day to day.
    Patricia Ewer, co-author of Textile Conservation: Advances in Practice
    Owner, Textile Objects Conservation

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