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Arts Entrepreneurship Class Progress


  1. Thanks for keeping us appraised of the class, very fascinating! What sort of rubric are you using to assess feasibility? Any recommended reading? I thoroughly enjoyed the “Cultivating Demand for the Arts” study. Sincerely,
    Chris Teal

  2. Sorry to take so long in responding, but to be honest, I didn’t have an answer to your question about a rubric. As it turns out, each student project has evolved its own characteristic feasibility measure (s). In fact feasibility or market-testing and research turned out to be the most instructive aspect of this class (so far, as next week we finish). I will be publishing some of the student work, which should shed some light on your question. However, the first one that I plan to publish had real challenges in testing feasibiiity.

  3. Very interesting. Looking forward to seeing the projects! I’m going through my own process of deciding whether to form a 501(c)3 or look into a lc3 so I’m sure the projects will shed some light.

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