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Business Model Session on Monday, April 25

With thanks to Andrew Taylor for initiating and planning this session, please join Nina Simon, Andrew and me on Monday (details below) for a discussion of new, innovative and old business models in the arts and culture sector.  I hope to see you online! 
Monday, April 25
4:00 pm Eastern Time

Joining me for this one-hour discussion, and responding to your comments and questions, will be Andrew Taylor, Director of the Bolz Center for Arts Administration, an MBA degree program and learning center in the Wisconsin School of Business. An author, lecturer, and researcher on a broad range of arts management issues, Andrew specializes in business model development for cultural initiatives; and Nina Simon, blogger at Museum 2.0, author of The Participatory Museum, consultant and researcher to the museum field, and recently appointed Executive Director of the Museum of Art & History at McPherson Center in Santa Cruz, CA.

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