Composers may receive commission fees for making new music. Some kind of pricing structure for learning new difficult piano pieces seems to be needed. Presenters will better be able to plan the use of their resources.

In addition to a reasonable base fee, pianists can be paid for add-ons in a new piece. Herewith a pricelist for additional or extraordinary services — like the extra ingredients in an omelette, or atop a pizza.

  • For all notes written with five or more ledger lines: add $10 per note, notes with eight or more ledger lines, add $15.
  • Per scalar passage at quarter-note = 190 or more, add $75. (Add additional $150 if contrary motion.)
  • If written score is larger than 12″ X 18″, add $400 (also applies if total weight exceeds 1 kilo).
  • Any pieces requiring shouting, add $15 per syllable (assumes English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, other languages please inquire).
  • Any piece requiring whistling — there will be an inclusive whistling fee of $400. (Whistling is sometimes subcontracted.)
  • Chords marked in excess of FFFF, add $25 per additional Forte per chord.
  • If chisel or other sharp scraper is indicated for use on strings inside piano, add $15 per inch of total string-scraping required.
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  1. Tsotne Tsotskhalashvili says

    This is genius. I’m sharing it on facebook. Right now.

    P.S. $25 seems a little modest to me considering the amount of energy pianists need to use in order to make it up to FFFF.