Iowa was the name of the Star

07[1].jpgI’m from Iowa. Born there. Grew up there. Studied music there.

I wasn’t a prodigy. I took lessons from the lady down the street. (Her name was Joy Lord.) In high school, I played concertos with several Iowa orchestras. In a big city, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity. I wasn’t playing all of Chopin’s etudes. Nothing like that. Being there gave me a chance, to dream bigger than I was.

What is musical talent? It is an ability to hear and coordinate, certainly. But also it is a capacity to experience. Talent can be a means to dream, unafraid.

We need adolescents(ce) to show us the future.



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  1. says

    ‘capacity to experience’

    i think we as performers forget that, including myself.. to take in the experience whatever that might be rather than “how can i get that leap on that second half of the beat 3 from measure 293….”

    i guess that’s an experience too, but heck, it’s only a damn note.