Mickey Rourke, Flannel Cakes and ‘Milk’

                             A Hollywood Pastiche   Although the event may already seem fossil material, the 2009 Oscars were held Sunday in the bloated Kodak Theater at Hollywood and Highland. I recognized the steroided scene immediately, because it's right around the corner from the deco side-street hotel I stayed at in November, ensconced with that year's USC-Annenberg Getty arts journalism fellows. Our small hotel was caught between a tourist behemoth (theater, shopping plaza, lights, lights, lights) and a seedy, winding street … [Read more...]

Blossom and Rose

I've been away, at least in a writer way, for a few months. So I'd like to say hello again, and, as a welcoming offering, link to two of my recent pieces, both posted on the website Obit Mag. The first, which was spurred by artsjournal fellow blogger Tyler Green, took advantage of my fury about the threatened dissolution of the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University, my alma mater. The second is a small bouquet tossed at that irresistible bohemian spirit of intelligent romance, Blossom Dearie, who died on Saturday. More to come... For an … [Read more...]