Who Foots the Bill?

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Stephanie Barron is senior curator and head of modern art at LACMA. Among the many groundbreaking and award winning exhibitions she has curated are “Degenerate Art “: The Fate of the Avant-Garde in Nazi Germany (1991); Exiles and Émigrés- The Flight of European Artists from Hitler (1997); Made in California 1900-2000: Art, Image and Identity (2000); and Art of Two Germanys/Cold War Cultures (2009). She has been decorated twice by the German Government. #



  1. I like your idea about creating the special experience. And it’s a shame that support (funding) threatens it. You’re right – there’s been huge growth in the number of museums built in the past few decades. That ought to tell you something about the demand. Or does it? What are we really investing in with all these new institutions? Are they a response or is this “leading” in another way?

  2. You make this interesting point: “Government aid remains modest at best (and compared to many European cities, infinitesimal – sadly something I don’t see changing soon).”

    The question is, what are YOU as an arts administrator doing to change that? How many talks about the need for public funding have you given in the last year? What sort of effective political efforts have you initiated in the last year? How many Board members have you persuaded to use their influence to increase public funding? What sort of literature has the LACMA published about the need for public arts funding? Etc. We’re talking about leadership in the arts here, so what have YOU done to lead in this fundamentally critical area?

  3. Peggy Perkinson says:

    Thank You. I think we all could benefit from pondering this article. We have a small art gallery in a very small town. We also sell other pieces in the gallery but do so because we feel these pieces fill the gallery with a feeling of warmth and invite you to stay awhile. We mostly sell things that are handmade, vintage or very different. We are thankful that we do not have to depend on anyone to support us. People get so demanding when they give and politics get in the way. Thanks again.