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Kelly Tweeddale is Seattle Opera’s Executive Director. She plays a key role in organizing and supervising the Opera’s daily operations, in generating and overseeing the company’s budgets, and in developing and implementing the Opera’s strategic long-range plan. She is overseeing Seattle Opera’s future development project—consolidating the company’s operations including administrative, rehearsal, production, educational, technical support, costume and scenic assembly spaces—into one building adjacent to its performance hall in order to maximize community access, innovation and collaboration. #



  1. Jack Firestone says:

    Kelly is one wise woman. This is one of the great minds in the arts management cosmos. Always visionary, articulate, and reasoned in her support of the arts. We need more like her. Kelly you are a “rock star.”

    Jack Firestone
    Miami, FL

  2. Liao, Chun-te says:

    The topic of the art is key point. It’s easy to accept in public such as lovers, family, security and vogue. If we go to a concert, we could just listen to music. If the concert have one topic, it could make the audience got much more feelings, for example emotion, passion, enthusiasm…. keep him in mind more long time for the art of the point of view in this play. It may change his daily life for a while for further activity about art, music, theater or movie. Some common style of classical music works such as advertisement, movie, programs made people watching TV in the living room go to opera house for opera, ex. Don Giovani, the marriage of Figaro, Aida. Even one piece of classical music could not be ignored its effect.