Art or Audience; Chicken or Egg?

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Chad M. Bauman is the Director of Communications for Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater, where he supervises the marketing, media relations, publications, sales and front of house departments. He was recruited to join the company in 2007 in order to develop strategies to guide the company through a 2.5 year transition period while a new $135 million, three theater complex was built. During that time, he worked on multiple Broadway transfers, led a rebranding campaign, project managed Arena's transition to Tessitura and revamped customer service procedures resulting in the highest satisfaction levels in more than a decade. During his tenure, Arena Stage has increased subscriber revenue by 105%, increased its subscriber base by 64%, increased earned revenue by 133%, increased the number of new patrons by 90% and decreased patron attrition by 7%. Records for the highest grossing day, week and production were also set in three separate fiscal years—FY08, FY10 and FY11 respectively. #



  1. Much too literal Chad. I agree with what you’re saying – on both sides of this proposition. But in fact aren’t we really talking about evolving from a two-aided conversation to a many-sided one? The idea isn’t that arts organizations should put their ears out and “listen” to what an audience wants – it’s much bigger than that. It’s more about how the art that’s made gets used by the community. And through that how the community starts to define what the art means. And that might be something entirely different from what the arts intended.

  2. Chad Bauman says:


    I’d like to hear a little more because I don’t think I completely understand your argument. Perhaps an example of a community which has defined art differently than originally intended based upon its usage?