Best American city for jazz? Chicago

I'm a Chicago homie -- long removed but never really gone -- so don't expect objectivity, but a recent visit proved my native metropolis is #1 in America and maybe everywhere for its active, creative, meaningful, almost-economically-viable, neighborhood-rooted, exploratory and world class jazz. I say this even as my dearly adopted New York City kickstarts as freshly energized a fall season as any I recall.Jazz is the lifeblood of Chicago in a way it ain't in NYC, at least not right now. Jazz-soul-blues is Chicago's street music. Chicago's … [Read more...]

Announcing 13th annual JJA Jazz Awards nominees and gala

The Jazz Journalists Association -- of which I'm president -- has announced finalist nominees in 42 categories of excellence in jazz music, recording, presenting and journalism at a new website, -- which also  details who's playing at the Jazz Standard (NYC) cocktail barbeque where winners will be announced on June 16, 3 - 6 pm. and lets you buy tickets to the event.What's a Jazz Award? I'm deep into it, but why should you care? … [Read more...]