You’ve heard live jazz ? Tweet using #jazzlives

Let's prove jazz lives. Tweet about live performances using hashmark #jazzlives, detailing who and when in 140 characters.Jazz fests rage across America in the next couple of weeks starting Aug. 29-30 with NYC's Charlie Parker fest, picking up Sept 4 through 6  -- Tanglewood, Chicago, Detroit, the Angel City Jazz Fest, LA's Sweet & Hot Music Festival,  the Vail Jazz Party, Philadelphia's Tony Williams Scholarship Jazz Festival plus some fests with jazz-influenced acts, rhythms and improv such as Jazz Aspen Snowmass, Seattle's Bumbershoot, … [Read more...]

Furor over jazz sexism (continues)

Kitty Margolis, Bay Area jazz singer, Facebook and in-person friend, fired up followers re guest blogger Paul Lindemeyer's comments on jazz's historic bias towards men, which I contextualized with reference to Michelle Obama's White House jazz night. Here's what Kitty's people wrote (names obscured except for her own and Alfonso's -- they ask to be id'd) --  … [Read more...]