Esperanza who? Grammy’s Best New Artist (and more)

Best New Artist of the Year, according to the Grammys, is Esperanza Spalding, a 26-year-old jazz bassist and singer whose most recent album is titled Chamber Music Society. What!? or should the question be, How?! Full congrats, she's as bright a rising star as has emerged from jazz by virtue of her charm and chops since 2006 -- when Junjo, her first CD, was released. She beat out some kid named Justin Bieber, whose fans are enraged. … [Read more...]

Mr. Teachout gets the word: Jazz’s Swing Era popularity past

Biographer of H L. Mencken and (coming soon) Louis Armstrong, ArtsJournal blogger and scribe for the Wall Street Journal Terry Teachout has raised a fuss by pointing to the National Endowment for the Arts' study citing declines in jazz audiences from 2002 to 2008 (and indeed from 1982 to 2008). That this data was released in June and been reported on earlier, elsewhere, (like at by editor Ted Gioia) without getting much attention suggests either the broad reach and high profile of Murdock-owned media or it's August and a writer getting … [Read more...]