A weekend alt-guitar fest (photos)

Joel Harrison, guitarist/composer/New York Guitar Festival producer

The New York Guitar Festival this past weekend (Jan 17-19) featured master classes and three nights of “alternative guitar summits” curated by composer-guitarist Joel Harrison at the performance space Subculture.

Photos by Sánta István Csaba from Friday night’s 30-minute sets by four trios, show the young men (all men) in the throes of plectralism and drumming — and the audience digging it.


Will Bernard and the Pleasure Drones

Introducing Will Bernard and the Pleasure Drones, playing rockin’ surf jazz — familiar bluesy chords sequenced for suspense and dramatic resolution. Coulda danced to this.


from left: Miles Okazaki, Sergio Krakowski, Dan Weiss, James Hurt



Okazaki and Krakowski

Miles Okazaki said it was all about rhythm








so he worked with three percussionists, plucking lines and impressive counterpoint mostly in his instrument’s lower register, reminiscent of gimbri (lute) music played by the Gnawan musicians of Morocco.







David Gilmore and Gene Lake

Guitarist David Gilmore, paced by drummer Gene Lake and upright bassist Brad Jones . . .


from left: Gene Lake, David Gilmore, Brad Jones



Liberty Ellman with drummer Gerald Cleaver and bassist Matt Brewer



















Liberty Ellman may have had the most typically “jazz” tone, the most irregular phrasing and farthest venturing harmonies.


Crowd at Subculture, Jan 17 2014












The listeners expressed themselves, too.

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