My BBC Newshour riff on Cecil Taylor, Kyoto Award winner

Last night I improvised a profile of Cecil Taylor for BBC Newshour (June 21, “Severe Flooding in India“), on the newshourannouncement that the great pianist/composer/improviser has been honored with the prestigious, $500,000 Kyoto Award. My triptych Miles Ornette Cecil – Jazz Beyond Jazz, of course, includes a lot of my writing/thinking on Cecil — who I aver is and will be known widely for a long time by that one name alone —  but I get fresh enthusiasm and moc jacketideas about music (not only his music, but certainly that) whenever I listen to or even just think about it.

The segment starts with a snippet of “Tales (8 Whisps)” from Unit Structures at 45:30 and ends with some clusters from Air Above Mountains.

I’m flattered to be on Newshour, which twice daily features breaking news and serious  reportage about momentous international events (in this show, the catastrophic floods in India and non-stop violence in Dagestan). The hosts often do interviews that ask powerful people uncomfortable questions. More journalism like that!

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  1. says

    Excellent piece for the BBC World service, Howard. Taylor is everything you say he is and more. The prise recognises his art and talent and distinguishes the country where it originates. I expect you were overwhelmed with calls from US broadcasters for comment!!!