Surprise: Birth and re-birth of jazz journalism outlets

Double-barrelled rare upbeat jazz news: The husband-wife team behind publicists Improvised Communications (plus a couple helpers) launch, an online “trade journal for jazz

Jennifer Peabody, Associate Publisher, and Scott Menhinick, Editor/Publisher of

And a composer-improviser from Oregon saves

David Haney, composer, improviser, publisher Cadence magazine as of Jan 1 2012

Cadence magazine, founded in 1976, from demise.

Scott Menhinick and his wife Jennifer Peabody are doin’ it themselves and hoping to share information on jazz business with others, while pianist-composer-publisher David Haney is turning his talents to taking longtime low-tech Cadence online, with multi-media content. Best news yet to jazz journalists: the editors say they’ll pay.
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