Jazz in Jordan: Yacoub Abu Ghosh explains and plays

Jazz and its evolution goes on everywhere – as bass guitarist/bandleader/composer/producer Yacoub Abu Ghosh explained and demonstrated to me in Amman, Jordan last March. Ghosh and his Stage Heroes performed at their weekly gig at Canvas Cafe Restaurant Art Lounge. His new album As Blue As The Rivers of Amman is due to drop July 2. 



The truth of the “jazz (and beyond) is everywhere” axiom is what trainees of the eyeJAZZ video project of the Jazz Journalists Association have been substantiating, too, during the past 20 weeks of webinars and Facebook tutorials. Check out the eyeJAZZ facebook page to see and hear some of what’s been happening in Athens and Saratoga NY, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, northeast Georgia  (thanks, J. Scott Fugate!) —

and reports from other spots around the globe, to be posted soon. 

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