Video for fans of Sonny Rollins & harmolodics

Too good to not post: Ornette Coleman was surprise guest with Sonny Rollins at his fast-become-famous Beacon Theater 80th birthday party on September 10 (backstage there was birthday cake shaped like a saxophone, made of marzipan). Note SR’s quote at about 10 minutes in of “I’ll Take Manhattan,” which he certainly did. [[As of 9/15/2010 this video has been removed from Youtube by it’s “user.” Research will follow. 

 And next is  another priceless clip I’ve never come upon before, from the early ’60s, of Sonny with trumpeter Don Cherry — Ornette’s brilliant partner — young Henry Grimes on bass and drummer Billy Higgins. 

 thanks to whoever made these public, though in the future — PLEASE get artists’ agreements to film and make public . . . And the embedding is disabled, but here’s Don Cherry playing Monk’s “Bemsha Swing” with Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Billy Higgins, from New Orleans circa 1986.
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  1. Rob says

    There’s no “10 minutes in” on these 5-minute clips. And both clips are the same early-60s performance. Will you be posting video from the Beacon?
    HM: I posted an unauthorized video from the Beacon in my blog posting just previous to this one. Now the Ornette and Sonny clip has been removed from Youtube, “at the direction of the user.” I’m afraid it was only up for a day or two. I’ll try to find out who has instructed this removal — I had talked to Sonny’s people, who said they would not comment favorably on it, but wouldn’t move against it, either. Maybe Ornette’s group said no-no.