Jazz festival weekend: Is anybody counting?

Can we guestimate how many listeners will be out hearing jazz this Labor Day weekend, at festivals free and/or famous around the U.S.? Chicago, Detroit, Tanglewood, Aspen, Vail, Los Angeles, Washington DC (well, Herndon VA), PhiladelphiaSan Jose, Macinac Island (Michigan) Indianapolis, St. Louis, Wilmington and Bethany Beach (Delaware), San Diego, Tucson, (see also the Latin Jazz fest, Sept 10 -11),  Albuquerque. and Charleston all have concerts, street fairs and other celebratory activities based on or including jazz in its many and varied forms. Is anyone tabulating how many folks will be exposed to America’s indigenous art form at this end of summer? And what’s wrong with those municipalities that can’t get it together to support public events that comprise such joyful noise? If you know of other Labor Day jazz gatherings (blues count in my book; so does Latin jazz, swing/trad, whatever. . .) please leave info (with link, if possible) in the comments box below.

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  1. Martin Kasdan Jr says

    from my September “Jazzin'” column in Louisville Music News (online at http://www.louisvillemusicnews.net)
    Friday and Saturday, September 3-4, the City of Louisville presents WorldFest on the Belvedere. Music, food, crafts and more from around the world are available. Admission is free, but, of course, food and souvenirs are not. The full schedule is available at http://www.louisvilleky.gov/MetroParks/specialevents/WorldFest/Schedule.htm. My own, subjective, jazz and jazz-related picks are: Friday – Dr. Michael White (see above) and Swing 39; Saturday – Ut Gret featuring Ruric Amari, and Diego Palma Band. There are far more acts than can be listed here, so do check out the site.
    HM: Mr. Kasdan’s blog is where I discovered Louisville was having jazz — how was it, Mr. Kasdan (and please check out the Jazz Journalists Association’s website, http://www.JJANews.org — wanna join?

  2. says

    Especially during this time of year, the jazz festivals are pretty brilliant. From talent artists and patrons to the amazing crowds that gather together. In every major city there is something going on.