George Avakian, jazz records hero, at 91 speaks of Miles

George Avakian is a jazz hero who’s done more than anyone else in the record business ever to ensure America’s greatest music endures. Inventor of the reissue, the jazz album, the liner note, producer of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Miles Davis, among others, on his 91st birthday March 15, Avakian gave a fascinating interview to Marc Myers, posted at, Much of it’s about re-launching Miles’ career. Also, here’s Doug Ramsey’s report on Avakian from last year.
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  1. tom says

    Wow – some great history here, thanks Howard. I think many musicians don’t realize how much success depends on marketing. Avakian is definitely a hero and Miles had a strong business sense, a great pairing.
    Some great footage on youtube – here’s a clip of Miles & Coltrane in ’59 – you can see Avakian in the background with Miles –