Soupy Sales, 1926-2009, friend to jazz

The silliest pie-in-the-face TV comic of the ’50s had trumpeter Clifford Brown with drummer Max Roach on his kiddie show. Soupy Sales loved jazz — how cool is that? Soupy in Sepia.jpg

photo courtesy of Craig Marin, — more pix there


This featured performance was unusual, but of a piece with Soupy’s musical taste. He appeared in a “Frankly Jazz” series episode featuring “The Martian Bossa Nova” by trumpeter Shorty Rogers with Pete Jolly and Mel Lewis, among others; he entertained at the 2002 Jazz Awards. His sons Hunt and Tony are musicians who have worked with David Bowie. Soupy will be missed but also remembered.
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  1. Mark Stryker says

    Not long after Soupy discovered this film of Clifford Brown in his garage, I interviewed him for a long story in the Detroit Free Press about his deep involvement with jazz. It’s quite a tale. We’ve reposted the story today as part of our coverage of his death. You can find it here:
    HM: Mark, thanks for this link, and the original story.