Miles Ornette Cecil goes Kindle

Huzzah! My book Miles Ornette Cecil — Jazz Beyond Jazz is now an e-book from Amazon for Kindle-reading and maybe other e-book formats, too (I’m checking see below). It’s cheaper than the hardbound version and a long sample including epigrams, Greg Tate’s preface and the start of my first chapter is free. Go through that link above and if you buy I get a $1 kickback as an Amazon Affiliate.

This edition can be optimized for the the larger-screen Kindle DX, though I’m not sure how useful that is. Now I’m psyched to get Future Jazz into an e-book form (I have both paper and hard-bound copies for sale; order an autographed copy, $1 0 and $15 respectively, by leaving a comment below). I’m also interested in if readers of Jazz Beyond Jazz the blog like e-books. Could the e-book, e-article and e-essay be the future of financially compensated music journalism? Opinions solicited — let me know.

update: ebook also available in Mobipocket format.
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