JazzTimes’ robust recovery

The November issue of JazzTimes magazine is the first created (not just published) under the imprimatur of Madavor Media, LLC imprint, and the periodical looks very much the same as before its hiatus last spring. Editors Lee Mergener and Evan Haga remain, columnists Nat Hentoff and Nate Chinen are present, most if not all recent editorial contributors remain on the masthead and features — drumming being the issue’s loose theme — are by regulars, though Fernando González, former editor of rival Jazziz, came onboard to write the story on Guggenheim Foundation and MacArthur fellow Miguel Zenón.

This four-color issue is 82 pages long, with more than 16 pages of ads from record and equipment companies, jazz cruises and festivals, and jazz ed institutions and the good folks at North Coast Brewing Company, who recently issued a cd by the Brother Thelonious Quintet with alumni of the Monk Institute’s performance program — 100% of the cd’s sales proceeds going back to that program for international jazz education. 

The cover story about upbeat and creative drummer Matt Wilson is by Chinen (who blogs at The Gig and reviews for the New York Times); Dr. Bruce H. Klauber examines the “30-year rivalry between Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich; there are short pieces on percussionists Andrewy Cyrille, Dan Weiss, Justin Faulkner and Tyshawn Sorey, bassist Linda Oh and singer Dee Alexander; a listening test for drummer Jimmy Cobb, columns on new gear and digital transferring of vinyl to mp3 files, and plentiful record reviews.
It’s not a breakthrough — JazzTimes is still JazzTimes — but neither is it any sort of compromise. Madavor Media’s one obvious new step is to introduce an online version, free to print subscribers and $20 per year all by itself. So welcome back to life, JT, and may the mag henceforth thrive. (Frequent readers of this blog may know I’m a senior contributor to Down Beat, but I’ve written for JazzTimes, too.)

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  1. Mickey Horwitz says

    Howard – Do you know if Gary Giddins’ column is going to be in the revamped JT? I wrote to ask them and haven’t received any response.
    HM: I don’t know. Last thing I was aware of, back in spring Gary agreed to write half as often (every other month rather than monthly).

  2. says

    Here’s hoping that the online component really takes off. As much a fan of long-form print journalism I am, the future life of the magazine will depend on how they capitalize on the opportunity to enhance their online platform!
    HM: JazzTimes did enhance its online platform last winter, before the summer transfer of ownership. Actually capitalizing on its website is a challenge for JT or any other publication. But of course we all wish it comes up with a way to do that, and be a leader in the field.

  3. Joe says

    As a JT subscriber, I’m very glad the magazine is back and I’m intrigued by their promise to cover more international jazz.
    Have to say, though, I was mighty impressed with a recent digital edition of Jazziz.
    Imagine: Reading a review and clicking on it to hear a sound sample of the reviewed CD; or clicking on an ad and hearing sound samples of the advertised CD.
    JT and DB both need to follow that example and add to it with links to live clips, interviews, etc.