City Arts, my jazz-in-the-City column

Welcome to City Arts, which bucks a trend by evolving from being a monthly section in NYPress and other Manhattan neighborhood free papers to becoming New York’s Review of Culture, a new twice-monthly stand-alone print edition and website. Beside my column, there are season previews of classical music, mustn’t miss museums exhibits (Kandinsky! Blake! Monet! O’Keefe!), books, dance, theater, and lesser known film series. Welcome to the fray, brave young journal, and may you thrive.
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  1. Alex says

    NYC is too big to recognize Jazz as a favorite–and stuck up & conceited in its size, etc–but it’s still the magnet and center of Jazz’s heritage, past, current and future in my opinion. So many clubs and performances to get to and that’s all one needs, not ant ranking, etc. But hail to Chi-town and the city powers for putting Jazz “on air”.