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Madavor Media company director Joan Lynch confirmed acquisition of Jazz Times magazine today, pledging to settle the suspended publication’s unpaid debts, to go for editorial continuity, to maintain its 10-times-a-year print schedule and website, and to keep its two top editors. 

 “As part of Madavor, I’m excited to have Jazz Times to work on — we think it’s just a great brand,” said Ms. Lynch by phone from Madavor offices in Quincy, Massachusetts (retained Jazz Times editorial staffers Lee Mergener and Evan Haga will still operate from Silver Spring, MD). Asked if she had concerns about entering the beleaguered music magazine field, she replied, “We’re a strong business, we have resources and we understand we’re sort of bucking the trend. But we believe in print, in the web, and in delivering the best product we can, hoping to keep Jazz Times the publication aficionados want.”

Besides its seven golf magazines, two sports titles (International Figure Skating, which Ms. Lynch said has a world-wide circulation of 50,000, and Volley Ball) and two publications on collectibles (Doll Reader and Teddy Bear and Friends), Madavor Media counts the two annual IDEX trade shows for dolls, teddy bears, plush toys and related objects among its assets. As Jazz Times was the producer of an industry-wide convention that eventually was folded into te now defunct annual International Association for Jazz Education conferences, is it possible a jazz trade show is in the offing?

 “I can’t comment on our future plans,” Ms. Lynch deferred, “but we intend to be as active as possible in the jazz community.” Well and good — JazzBeyondJazz wishes the new owners of Jazz Times all the best.
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  1. says

    This is great news. Jazz Times adds balance to the jazz journalism scene, and it would be a shame to let the magazine just disappear. I think it is still possible for a company to turn a profit with print magazines, and hopefully Madavor can pull this off with Jazz Times.

  2. CraigP says

    I too am glad they’re giving Jazz Times another go, and I’m looking forward to the new issue, perhaps with a plush toy centerfold included.