Jazz Times crisis confirmed

An associate editor of JazzTimes “until a couple of weeks ago when I
was laid off” has confirmed that the magazine is in deep trouble. “There
was some hope of a new buyer coming to the rescue,” he writes, “but as of my last
contact with the guys it wasn’t looking good.” I’d heard previously that the proposed deal fell through.

“Hopefully that will still
happen,” this source continues, “but with the loss of JVC and other advertisers it’s doubtful
the magazine would be able to survive in its present format.” Meanwhile, numerous writers and photographers have contacted me with tales of waiting on payments since last March. These are bad signs. A lot of jazz people are, like my correspondent, hopeful. We’d like Jazz Times to continue, to prosper and flower. More news when I get some. . . good or bad.

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  1. says

    Sorry to hear about Jazz Times I have been in the music business all my life . It was my 70th birthday and I decided to record this song entitled Old Dogs and share this with friends in Blues and Jazz . So far the response is to cool . it’s scheduled for PBS /TV /Radio
    All the best with your creative adventures and I say a prayer Jazz Times comes back with flying jazz colors
    Mickey Carroll
    Grammy Nominee
    Gold Record Recipient
    ceo Mother J Productions