Hope we still hope we can believe in

We — I — need a deep-winter burst of positivity. The Presidential election was two months ago, and nothing has changed! Except the pres-elect is getting heat for all he hasn’t done (bring peace to Israel-Gaza, fix the economy, justify appointments) while the sitting lame duck gets a virtual pass for what he’s ignoring (Israel-Gaza), what he’s flubbed (US economy, world affairs, environment — need more examples?) and what he’s doing now (opening wilderness to development, putting appointees in protected jobs, spinning his legacy).

So here’s an Obama praise song by Fula Flute, an internationally-constituted band featuring a felicitous West African sound: two unusual flutes in not-quite-unison, kora and balafon, upright bass, congas. Vocalist Adoulaye Diabate sings, “If you’re looking for a great leader, you have to find a good person . . . Good evening, Barack Obama.” Fula Flute dedicates its new, second album Mansa America to Big O, with the note “May he help lead the World into a new enlightened era.” Amen to that. 

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