Composing and/or improvising, Caine is able

Uri Caine is a musician, period — writing it down or making it up on keyboards as he goes along, as the gig or commission demands.

Taking jazz-like liberties interpreting works of Bach, Wagner and Mahler or crafting his own scores for specific results are points on a continuum, says Philly-educated, internationally acclaimed pianist Uri Caine. Tonight (Fri Feb 8) he premieres “Double Trouble,” a piano concerto written for the American Composers Orchestra, at Zankel Hall of Carnegie Hall, creating his piano parts in the moment while the larger ensemble hews to what he wrote. Here’s my interview with a practicing genre-defier and definer.
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  1. Norman Lebrecht says

    I wish I were going to be there. For me, Uri Caine always has something new and interesting to say.