The Makers of Jazz Beyond Jazz

Over the course of three decades, I’ve been privileged to get behind the scenes and meet heroic creators of jazz as well as up-and-comers, innovators and exemplars of many other genres. Please enjoy these archival interviews and articles.

William Parker, DownBeat, July 1998

Maria Schneider DownBeat, July 2007

Sonny Rollins
NPR, April 2007 audio_icon.gif
Ornette Coleman and Charlie Haden The Wire 1987
Cecil Taylor at 65 The Wire 1994
Cecil Taylor at 73 New York Press 2006
Harry Belafonte Global Rhythm 2005
A New Chicago Avant Garde NPR 2005 audio_icon.gif
Aural Landscapes of a Soldier in Iraq: William Thompson NPR 2005 audio_icon.gif
Merging Cultures: Wadada Leo Smith and Alan Kushan NPR 2005 audio_icon.gif
Les Paul –and Grendel? New York Press 2006
Billy Bang’s ‘Vietnam: The Aftermath’ NPR 2004 audio_icon.gif
John Surman & Jack DeJohnette Reunion NPR 2003 audio_icon.gif
Trumpeter Cuong Vu NPR 2002 audio_icon.gif
Charlie Morrow and Audubon’s Birds New York Press 2006
Free Jazz: How Free? New York Press 2006
American Vernacular: Frank Loesser and Albert Ayler New York Press 2006
Wynton Marsalis Musical America Artist of the Year 2004
Jelly Roll Morton and Alan Toussaint New York Press 2005
Fred Anderson & New Music Since the ’60s New York Press 2005
Bennie MaupinInterview at 2006 Detroit Jazz Festival audio_icon.gif

The Business of Jazz

How jazz gets made –or unmade– and how it’s heard –or not heard– in its native country and around the world.

Jazz Festivals Good for Cities, Musicians NPR Aug 2007 audio_icon.gif
Jazz Now Musical America 2000
Jazz at Lincoln Center Opens NPR 2004 audio_icon.gif
The Hip-hop, Black Rock, Jazz Beyond Jazz Continuum — with Robert Glasper, ReVive DaLive, and Greg Tate, Jazz Matters panel video, New School, 2006
Jazz in China, France, Russia Jazz Matters panel video, New School, 2006
On Jazz Radio New York Press 2006
‘Freestyle’ Jazz Lives in NYC New York Press 2006
Improvisation vs. Composition in Jazz NewMusicBox 2001
Jorn Zorn and His Stone New York Press 2005
From Newport to JVC New York Press 2005

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