(FTC) Disclosure

Disclosure (just so you know– and to keep me on the good side of the Federal Trade Commission):

Music mentioned in Jazz Beyond Jazz
may have been provided to me free of charge  by the presenter or label
for my independent review and reporting on this blog and elsewhere.
This is standard industry practice, and has been during my more than
three decades as a professional reviewer and critic. My long-standing
personal policy:  I don’t review –anywhere– any music for which I’ve
written liner notes or promotional materials.  When I mention such
music in the course of other reporting, I note my role in it’s

 I do participate in the Amazon Associates
program– which means that if you should decide to buy
something–anything, including books and electronics– from Amazon
after clicking on an Amazon link in JBJ,  I will receive a very small
percentage  of the purchase price.  Because the program applies to all
Amazon purchases made after clicking through from JBJ,  not just linked
items, it provides no incentive for me to promote any particular
recording or other item over another.  In any case, the revenue I
receive from the program has, so far, been barely enough to pay my
personal website hosting bill– though I would hope that, should you
decide to make an Amazon purchase after clicking through from JBJ, you
would regard this as a means of supporting my future online work.

(A privacy note:
When you make an Amazon purchase after clicking through from JBJ,  I
have no access to any of your personal information, including your
name.  That all stays with Amazon.)

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