Love and the Law

I didn't find out about the Sandy Hook shootings until Friday at 3 pm, when I entered my class at FIT to find my students listening to President Obama's brief address on YouTube. I let them listen, then turned it off.  Later I wondered why I had been in such a rush (not that they minded, it turned out; they'd probably been "processing", as educators like to say about the un-process-able, … [Read more...]

“Anna Karenina” dancing in a theater near you

I have misgivings about director Joe Wright's treatment of the novel in his new film--how he understands Tolstoy and Anna. But the way the filmmaker animates the drama, with the crucial help of Belgian-Moroccan choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, is absolutely exhilaratingly bold. For anyone wondering how pervasive choreography can be in a serious feature film, this movie is not to be … [Read more...]