Street movement

A peripatetic summer yielded this Financial Times essay earlier this month on outdoor shows. I noticed an ideological split among the presenting organizations:  The free outdoor shows peppering New York and and the outer boroughs each summer always have their separate agendas but this year a stark divide emerged. On one side was the community-building event, in neighbourhood parks from … [Read more...]

Summer, near and far

For the Financial Times, I took my annual train trip up to remote Jacob's Pillow last month, in which, middle-aged bones creaking in the rain, I was struck by what a spring chicken I am:Jacob's Pillow has long been an outpost of forward thinking. Before the idea of "cultural diversity" existed, founder Ted Shawn was inviting Indian classical dancer Ram Gopal and pioneering black ballerina Janet … [Read more...]

Pass go: With Tao Dance Theatre, the Chinese head straight to postmodernism

From my Financial Times review of the Tao Dance Theatre, at Lincoln Center Festival last week--one of the few modern dance companies from mainland China, and extraordinary: China came late to modern dance - and nothing is as deadly as a recent convert's earnest faith. So when the programme declared that Beijing choreographer Ye Tao, of the five-year-old Tao Dance Theater, "eschews … [Read more...]